Everything’s automated: ordering, invoicing,
payments, warehousing and delivery.

Sell and deliver across Australia!

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An online marketplace like no other

Imagine hundreds of producers all in one place. Oomami combines the passion of small producers with the power of a 24/7 e-commerce platform with national distribution.

A world of discovery

Your customers can discover 1000’s of locally produced products across all categories in one user-friendly online marketplace. What’s more, with our social capabilities you can really connect with customers and grow your business.

A simple way to grow business

Oomami is a complete end to end retail solution. Whether you’re B2C or B2B, we’ll warehouse your products. Then pick, pack and deliver the same day, all in one box. Simple.

How it works

Oomami is a
world first

Oomami is the only place where you can purchase beautiful groceries direct from the producer 24/7, and have them delivered to your door the same day, in one box. We combine the convenience of a supermarket with the quality of a local producer.

Beautiful groceries,
without the middle man

For the first time ever, small producers can sell to a national audience. Plus, with everything automated - ordering, invoicing, warehousing and delivery, increasing sales has never been easier.

Connect like
never before

Oomami is also a socially enabled website, so customers and small producers can create deeper relationships. Get first hand new about the artisans and food you really care about.

Kind words from our artisans

Seamless Integration

Experience exponential growth. When you list your products on öomami they are also
automatically listed on four of the biggest platforms.

Google Shopping
Facebook Marketplace

How does your pricing work?

We charge a low commission on the sale of each product, plus a flat transaction fee. To make it
easy to understand, try the calculator below.

Calculate your costs based on how many items you sell:

1. Choose your Market

Retail Product

fulfilled by öomami
20% Commission

Wholesale Product

fulfilled by öomami
15% Commission

Retail / Wholesale

fulfilled by me
5% Commission

2. How many items would you sell in each transaction?

Insert the average number of units sold per transaction


3. What is the price of each item?

Insert the unit value


4. How many transactions do you want per month?

Insert the number of transactions per month


Our Commission on your total income

Your gross income would be


Our fee for this type of transaction would be



Delivery Fees

Charged to the buyer for any öomami fulfilled order:
Metro Retail order under $60 = $10 Delivery Fee.
Regional Retail order under $80 = $15 Delivery Fee.
Metro wholesale order under $100 = $10 Delivery Fee.
Regional wholesale order under $100 = $15 Delivery Fee.

No Delivery Fees on self-fulfilled products.

Some orders can have a mix of öomami fulfilled and self-fulfilled products. The above fees apply to the öomami fulfilled portion of any order. if some of the product in an order are being fulfilled by a seller who charges a delivery fee, that delivery fee is additional to the öomami delivery fee.

More information about the cost of öomami

(We have no hidden fees)

Pick Fee

$0.50 per pick
for orders fulfilled by öomami

Service Fee

20% for Retail orders fulfilled by öomami
15% for Wholesale orders fulfilled by öomami
5% for Retail or Wholesale orders seller fulfilled

A simple Flat Fee per unit picked

The pick fee is a fee charged by all fulfillment warehouses. It is the fee for the warehouse person to pick your product off a shelf and put it into an order box. It could be one apple or a 1Kg bag of apples, or one 10Kg box of apples; the pick fee is always the same.

Our system automatically generates a pick list for your order and the warehouse person uses it to locate and pack your orders for you, so you can focus on more important things. After all your products have been picked, the warehouse person will carefully pack your order and dispatch it and send you a notification. You can then monitor the progress of each order via your profile screen and also view a full history of each transaction.

Our Service Fee is all inclusive

No upfront fees and no fixed monthly fees. Simplify your life with our full suite of services and only pay one all-inclusive low commission for actual sales.

Use of the öomami marketplace to list your products and connect with new customers.

  • Automated Ordering
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Automated Payments
  • Full sales history
  • Xero integration
  • Automated listing on Google Shopping, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, and Amazon.
  • Pay per click advertising.
  • Warehousing and pick, pack, and delivery anywhere within the state.

Join the Real Food Revolution.

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