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Connect with people that love your recipes

Oomami is the first true online farmers market that has full social interaction features. Share your recipes and create a new income stream. What’s more, you can publish your new ideas as fast as you can create them to build your network and drive sales.

Be part of the ‘Make it yourself’ trend

We call it “Shop by recipe” - Oomami has thousands of user generated recipes with ingredients linked to products listed on the platform. Users viewing your recipe can add the ingredients directly to their cart, and each time a product is sold through your recipe you receive a commission. It’s our way to say thank you for introducing consumers to the great products made by small producers.

An online marketplace like no other

Oomami combines the skills and wisdom of artisans with the passion of great chefs and foodies to create a thriving 24/7 marketplace that enables consumers across the country to discover and purchase thousands of products directly from small producers and receive same day delivery in one box.

How it works

Oomami is a
world first

Oomami is the only place where you can purchase beautiful groceries direct from the producer 24/7, and have them delivered to your door the same day, in one box. We combine the convenience of a supermarket with the quality of a local producer.

Beautiful groceries,
without the middle man

For the first time ever, small producers can sell to a national audience. Plus, with everything automated - ordering, invoicing, warehousing and delivery, increasing sales has never been easier.

Connect like
never before

Oomami is also a socially enabled website, so customers and small producers can create deeper relationships. Get first hand new about the artisans and food you really care about.

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Seamless Integration

Experience exponential growth. When you list your products on öomami they are also
automatically listed on four of the biggest platforms.

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Facebook Marketplace

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