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Welcome to Oomami. Finally, you can get beautiful groceries direct from the producers delivered to your door. Same day. One box. Not just produce, there are all kinds of items: laundry, pet food, you name it. It’s all the stuff you can’t get in big supermarkets. If its made with passion you can buy it on Oomami.

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Connect like never before

Ooomani is the first true online farmers market that has full social interaction features. Connect directly with the people who create the groceries you really love. Find out about new products and recipes. It’s just lie a farmer’s market, only it’s all online.

An online marketplace like no other

Oomami is the only website where you can buy all your groceries 24/7 directly from the people who create them, and have them delivered the same day in 1 box.

A world of discovery

Discover 1000’s of groceries made by small producers in one dynamic online marketplace. And with our social capabilities, sellers and buyers can connect like never before.

How it works

Oomami is a
world first

Oomami is the only place where you can purchase beautiful groceries direct from the producer 24/7, and have them delivered to your door the same day, in one box. We combine the convenience of a supermarket with the quality of a local producer.

Beautiful groceries,
without the middle man

For the first time ever, small producers can sell to a national audience. Plus, with everything automated - ordering, invoicing, warehousing and delivery, increasing sales has never been easier.

Connect like
never before

Oomami is also a socially enabled website, so customers and small producers can create deeper relationships. Get first hand new about the artisans and food you really care about.

Kind words from our artisans & customers

“I went to Oomami last week and found awesome produce that I can’t find anywhere else.”

James Ainsworth

“I’m selling twice as much for half the work. The tech automates everything - including invoicing!”

Peter Franks

“At last! Now I can get the stuff I usually get even though my local farmers markets.”

Kylie Sinclair

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